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Examples of organizations, companies and customers who have either been with us or we collaborate with.

Lykke Li, Nääk

Tarik Saleh, Lykke Li and Nääk

In the spring of 2014, Tarik Saleh chose to record large parts of Lykke Li's music video No Rest For The Wicked at Oxhagen farm. Both the outdoor environment and inside Saloon Hillbilly were filmed. The video has been viewed over 14,000,000 times on YouTube in 2023 and was selected as one of the top 20 best music videos of 2014 by Pitchfork!

Terry Reid, Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm

Terry Reid's only Sweden performance took place in 2014 in front of a sold-out house at Saloon Hillbilly. Terry and his team Andrew Foster spent four wonderful days at Oxhagen farm. Of course we took Terry and Andrew to HRC. 

Discovery Channel

Recorded parts of the car builder series Wheelers Dealers at Oxhagen farm.

Jorgen Gustafsson

Jörgen, known from "Det Okända og Förnimmelse av mord", knows the whole farm and several of the farm's buildings and houses. You get shivers from what he comes up with. The family has still lived here since 1628, so we have a decent grasp of what happened. We enjoy working with Jörgen and let ourselves be impressed by his various abilities.

Green arena

Green Arena

Oxhagen farm is certified by the Housekeeping Society and is today the only approved farm in the whole of Stockholm County.

Read more under the "Green Arena" tab.

Music Amplifier Repair

Ian Haugland

Ian is an amazing person. Multitasker and what he does, he does professionally. Humbler. you have to look for a more generally educated and fun person. He plays, hangs out and buys jewelry with us.

Ritva Karlsson ceramicist

Clay has been a source of inspiration for me for 40 years. I work in both earthenware and stoneware clay.

All works are individually hand-shaped.

During my 40 years as a ceramicist, I have participated in many exhibitions in Sweden, but also exhibited in the USA, Japan and New Zealand.

Ford Mustang

Classic Mustang Club Sweden

Wonderful cars, wonderful people who we also get to hang out with privately. Constantly returning members at all our events.

Haninge municipality

Haninge municipality is a good and recurring customer with us. We look forward to more opportunities to collaborate.


Good guys, good at building cars and nice customers. Highly recommended.

American Folk Music Association

Sorunda catering

Connie Bloom

Sold out in 2016, back for sold out houses in 2018!

Hellsingland Underground

Too good to be true! God, what fun we had with the overnight stay and everything.

Terry Reid, Andrew Foster

Terry Reid US

Who turned down singing in Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Woodstock but accepted Saloon Hillbilly? Only appearance in Sweden ever!

Ryan Roxie, Alice Cooper

Andrew Foster, UK

Good friend from England and skilled musician. Here with us and Ryan Roxie from Alice Cooper. Played at Saloon Hillbilly in 2013 and 2015 to sold out houses

Stevie Klason & Black Weeds

"Success concert despite blood white" was the newspaper headline after the gig with us in 2012. Not as dangerous as it sounds, the guitarist hit his nose on the mic

Erika Jonsson

Rockabilly in Swedish! Have played at Saloon Hillbilly on two occasions.

The Uncool Hillbillies

Has appeared with us several times, most recently at a wedding. A band to trust!

Abalone Dots

"Thank you so much for a wonderful evening! We'd love to come back here <3 "

/ Abalone Dots

Incomparable appearance with us

Doctor Krall

Rock'n Roll as it should be. Our guests insist that they come back every season.

"Played like hell. Lovely cool place. We want to come here again" /Doctor Krall

The Shamrocks

Celebrated their 50th anniversary with us. Conny has been given the privilege to jump in as lead guitarist at one of their gigs.

The rock people


Sweet Demon

Has played with us on several occasions.

Winner of the Country Championship 2016!

middle forest

"Hi Karin and Conny, thank you yourselves for a superb arrangement. Everyone was delighted with your professional organization! We said we would like to make this a tradition and gather at your house on an annual basis, so we will be more than happy to come back in the future. :) Have a good time and see you later!"

/Melanskog The forest owners






Friskis & Sweaty

One of our partners in education. Through Motivera Sverige AB, you can today further your education at Oxhagen farm in, for example, clearing saws, chainsaws in several authorization levels.

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