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Our collaboration spans various sectors, including municipalities, businesses, insurance funds, employment agencies, county councils, organizations, companies and private individuals.

Oxhagen farm is proud to be Stockholm County's first and only Grön Arena farm (since 2014) and we continuously strive to be a role model for sustainable development.

Currently, we welcome several participants, aged between 12 and 46, with different challenges and life situations. These individuals visit us regularly for meaningful days where they can grow as people and enjoy life.

Staying in the countryside, surrounded by farm idyll and scenic forests, is a source of joy and vitality. Throughout the ages, the forest has conveyed healing energy to humans and strengthened our well-being. It is of utmost importance to deepen our understanding of the symbiotic relationship we share with nature, in order to best meet our needs.

Farmers and ranchers spend significant parts of their days outside in the fresh air. The animals that share our environment have a unique ability to communicate with us. Research has clearly shown that the interaction with animals has a positive impact on our stress level and increases our ability to handle stress. This positive effect is reflected in lower heart rate, blood pressure and levels of stress hormones such as cortisol in both blood and saliva. Our relationship with animals promotes our empathic ability and reduces aggressive behavior. In addition, activities involving animals give us a sense of meaning, because they have a clear and rewarding task.

Spending time in the garden and gardening has also been shown to have a stress-reducing effect as well as increasing our well-being and reducing feelings of pain. People who are active in nature experience increased self-esteem and an improved mood, resulting in a higher quality of life.

Another essential element is awareness of the importance of healthy eating and sleeping habits. Being aware of choices related to locally produced, organic and Swedish-made food is crucial for both the individual's well-being and the sustainability of society. At Oxhagen farm, we also value serving game from our own lands as well as preserving fruit, berries and mushrooms for our consumption.

Nature has always been a source of new strength and nourishment for man, and we exist in harmony with it. At Oxhagen farm, inspiring and rewarding opportunities for new learning, stimulation and recovery are created.

We also offer customers to use their wellness benefits in a simple and safe way through epassi: 

Tree in Sweden

With us at home, you can regain energy and leave the stress behind. Here you are warmly welcome regardless of your background or affiliation.


The goal is to develop farms that can offer services in social care, school and health. Each Grön Arena farm is unique and adapts its operations to its conditions and creates new opportunities for people to feel good and gain a new point of view with personal abilities and individual needs. The tasks vary with the seasons. The purpose is to promote personal development and improved quality of life for each individual.

Meaningful days of structured employment under supervision bring deep satisfaction.

Karin Karlsson Green arena
Luda Mae and Redneck
Wood, firewood
Hen, egg, hen
Karin Karlsson Oxhagen farm

In 2021 I was nominated and awarded the Ellen Fund:

"Via her Gröna Arena, the only certified one in the Stockholm area, Karin has helped young people back and further in life. She has taken care of young people who need various supports outside of the Grön Arena with care and concern. That is the type of people we want encouraging, caring and giving young people an extra adult to lean on sometimes when needed.”

What a favor, an overwhelming compliment to be appointed as the person who lives up to Ulla's ideal - to stand up for the rights and health of children and young people and take sides for those who are having a hard time. 

Thank you Anders Tärnell, Ellenfonden

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