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"This is more wild west than the wild west. Saloon Hillbilly is now our favorite saloon. Best wishes

Dana, Denise and Rodney, California

The oldest barn has undergone a careful restoration and part of its interior has now been resurrected with authentic materials and objects from the farm's history, transformed into a saloon that captures the genuine spirit of the settler era with true "redneck" atmosphere. It offers opportunities to tailor arrangements for various occasions such as kick-off, weddings, association meetings, birthday parties, music videos, etc. Saloon Hillbilly always offers rentals together with skilled staff and provides a comprehensive solution that suits both small and large groups, regardless of whether it is for companies, private individuals or organisations/associations.

Ian Haugland, Europe


"A good deed is like peeing in your pants. Everyone knows you did it, but only you can feel its warmth"

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