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One of the great challenges in my life! 🙏

So, Mikael Persbrandt trudges home to us some time ago with an acoustic guitar that looks like it has been through all the battles of the world. Ulf Lundell had apparently bought it for his lover, and since then it has become like a ticket to a roller coaster through the Lundell family and finally with Sanna Lundell.

Micke knew how much the guitar meant to Sanna and wanted to be able to give it back as a birthday present, but in brand new condition. 🎸

I spent endless hours, lots of energy and got lots of gray hairs all over the guitar. But the end result was better than expected, and now the guitar can proudly continue its journey through the generations.

So the guitar was handed over to Sanna at the Grand Hotel during her birthday celebration! Now we can only hope that the guitar does not make any more unfortunate trips to various relatives.

Give your instrument the care it deserves!

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Mikael Persbrandt about the renovation of the guitar Ulf Lundell bought about 50 years ago.

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