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"Parents can tell but never teach, unless they practice what they preach"


Frontier Wild west 1800

2015, official gift to the Children's Cancer Fund due to Bengt Nilsson's work with the Pig Festival in Philedal 

Long sleeve shirt with zipper and pockets, Saloon Hillbilly on chest

Karin's father, Ola Karlsson, today owns the land that borders us. More of these parts have been continuously in 16 families in the family since at least the year 1628.

Ox-Pelle & Paulina about 1820

1st generation: Per Albin (Ox-Pelle) and Paulina

Ox-Pelle, together with his wife Paulina, built up his place of residence, his life's work, Oxhagen farm, through hard work and perseverance. On September 5, 1908, they bought the farm and began their journey as farmers in Norra Sorunda. Initially a small dwelling house, then in 1910 a barn, then a chicken and pig house and in 1921 their new big house was ready and they moved there. In between, he has created conditions on the ground. Sawn trees for construction, broke stumps to clear land for arable land. In addition, they managed to have two children in the small house, my grandmother Karin and her older brother Roland. Over the years, they worked tirelessly to build up, develop and improve the farm, and their efforts led to us living here today. Oxhagen farm was run by Ox-Pelle until 1946 when my grandfather took over.

2nd generation: Karin and Stig

My grandfather Stig bought the farm on May 4, 1946 and owned it until 1990. Then it was merged with Västerby where grandfather was born, the one that has been in the family since 1628. During their time they managed the farm as an agricultural operation and had dairy cows. Their dedication and hard work have set deep roots in our family history. In addition, grandfather bought even more land for the farm several times from neighboring farms. Then the dwelling houses were cut down and grandfather bought forest and arable land. The farm's area reached about 150 ha.

3rd generation: Ola and Ritva

Dad, a man deeply rooted in forest and land and has owned the lands bordering our home. Ola's devotion to the lush forests and hunting weaves him together with nature. In addition to his daily work on the farm, there is always time left for love for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Mother focuses a lot on the garden (in addition to the fact that she is still active as a ceramicist) in Västerby where they live, they have a fantastically beautiful garden.

4th generation: Karin and Conny

In 1991 we acquired the land in the wonderful cowshed and built the home we now live in. By shaping every corner of our house, we brought the visions of our dreams to life and created a place that breathes our own unique history and interest.

Then, on September 28, 2000, we took the step to further purchase of the dwelling house on the farm. With every wall and nook imbued with decades of the presence of previous generations, it became an oasis of tradition and authenticity.

Then, on November 2, 2010, we chose to deepen our bond with Oxhagen Farm by purchasing most of its wonderful grounds and buildings. Breathed into this family farm, we feel a close connection to nature and an understanding of the primal beauty that surrounds us.

The 1On December 8, 2023, we were blessed with the opportunity to continue managing the rest of the family farm. This meant that we are now responsible for five new properties, comprising a total of approximately 140 hectares of land, of which 85 hectares are forest, 30 hectares are arable and a further 15 hectares are other land. The feeling of being able to carry the farm forward in straight descending lines and being the 17th generation to take this responsibility since the year 1628 is both unimaginable and incredibly fantastic. To be part of this continued development is an honor we humbly embrace.

Thus, our journey over the years has been a web of work, love and refinement, where every acquisition and experience has enriched us and redefined concepts as "home" and "quality of life"

5th generation: Cecilia, Gustav, Kristoffer and Camilla

Cecilia and Gustav acquired an adorable home in 2014, located on land that was once part of the idyllic Oxhagen farm, like a cowshed. There they embraced a future characterized by harmony and beauty. They have put a lot of care into the plot, they farm and have a permaculture approach, and animals are an interest, they have got chickens, rabbits, ducks, quails, dogs, cats, bees and bumblebees.

In 2019, Camilla and Kristoffer realized their dream by acquiring the enchanting location and house at Högdalen, which had long housed soul and history. In doing so, they embraced not only a place to call their own, but also an enchanting tale of timeless charm. There they have taken care of a large, lovely plot of land, felled many trees, renovated a house, drilled for their own water, etc. Summer and winter a wonderful place.


6th generation: Ester, Carl, Hjalmar and Folke

Full of energy and a sense of adventure, our four magnificent grandchildren appear. With a determination, they conquer different arenas, from soccer fields to scout camps, judo mats, bike paths and swimming pools. They are like brave explorers when they explore the wild nature. Their presence radiates a glorious electricity, where the adventure and enthusiasm evokes a sense of endless possibilities.

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