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Jeep Cherokee Chief

As soon as I set foot inside Oxhagen farm, I knew there was something magical about the place. It's in the walls. We had a fantastic recording, many thanks to Karin and Conny who helped both in front of and behind the camera.

I am in love with this farm and will always want to return here

Best regards Tarik Saleh

Wild west


Oxhagen farm today includes a total of 7 properties and just under 140 hectares, about 35 minutes from Stockholm. The farm is a family farm in the 17th generation in direct descent since the year 1628. Oxhagen was started in 1908 by Karin's grandmother's father, known as Ox-Pelle, and today we have the honor of continuing to run and preserve Oxhagen farm's heritage in a modern interpretation that still draws inspiration from the atmosphere of the turn of the century. We have also incorporated our own touch of American western, which includes a genuine saloon with a serving license, thus creating a unique combination

The farm, which is located in Norra Sorunda, has since 2014 been the first and only Grön Arena farm in the entire Stockholm county. Here at the farm, we offer an extensive variety of unique services and experiences, and we are confident that your visit to us will leave you with a sense of peace and tranquility.

We believe in the connection between mental health and the well-being of the body. Through our lifestyle with natural environments, we create an inspiring atmosphere that stimulates personal development. This environment gives us and our visitors the opportunity to achieve well-being and at the same time gain new perspectives on life.



"Make friends before you need them"

A greeting from Ian Haugland after I made his and Marie's wedding rings. 

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