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Recording studio

Why not treat yourself, your child or a friend to a little fun and create something memorable? Make a simple and fun recording! It's fast, cost-effective and simple. In addition, you get a CD with you as a physical memory of the fun time.

The price may vary depending on your specific requirements, so it is best to contact us for an exact quote.

Price on request.


Music video / commercial

Here you can also unleash your creativity by shooting your own music video or commercial, and maybe, just maybe, be as celebrated as Lykke Li's "No Rest For The Wicked". It has impressive over 14 million views and was named one of the best music videos of 2014. So why not take the chance to shine in the spotlight and do something extraordinary? The possibilities are endless!

Price on request.  

An example where I wrote and recorded music for AB Botkyrkabyggen.

"It raises the mood, inspires and means a lot to me when our sustainability work is accompanied by a guitarist and musician like Conny."

Chris Österlund, CEO


The Shamrocks

The Shamrocks, the Swedish pop band formed in 1962, have charmed listeners over the years with their catchy melodies and energetic performances. With Conny as a new member from 2022, the band has received a fresh injection of creativity and continues to conquer both new and loyal fans with their timeless music.

2012, official gift to the village of Samrong in Cambodia

The Shamrocks


If you need music that makes you march to the rhythms, fix with moving melodyyou and beautiful guitar solos? Then our rock band is perfect for you! Micke on bass, Peter on drums and Conny on guitar - a military man, a pipe seller and a farmer - together we give you a wonderful mix of blues, rock and funk, always with a twinkle in the eye!

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